We make the world a more beautiful place…one hut at a time.

Blackdown® Shepherd Huts North America is a company built on shared dreams and a foundation of trust and respect. Passionate about building beautifully handcrafted English shepherd huts, our goal is to deliver every element of the tradition, from craftsmanship to customization.

Our story…

How we came about is a story of chance encounter, love of English culture, and a long held fascination with all things small. As Managing Partner Victoria Schon recounts her story, this proved to be the inspiration for what is now the North American location of Blackdown® Shepherd Huts:

“One early morning in the summer of 2014, I had an unexpected encounter with an old broken-down sheep herder wagon—just a mile from my Michigan home. It caught my eye and sparked my imagination. I realized that I had driven by this sheep herder wagon for more than 10 years and never even noticed it! I was reminded of an English Home Magazine clipping I had saved from the previous year, and I rushed home to retrieve it, never imagining that my life would change dramatically from that moment.

I felt the beautiful English shepherd hut deserved a presence in North America and that I would not be alone in my appreciation for its humble beginnings, tasteful sensibility and unassuming charm. But I wasn’t sure how to establish their presence and maintain their authenticity. All roads of research led me back to England, the birthplace of the shepherd hut.

As I narrowed the field of English shepherd hut builders, Blackdown® Shepherd Huts rose to the top of my list of favorites.

I was immediately impressed with their team’s helpfulness, generosity of information, and the transparency in the purchasing and design process. It also became very apparent to me that Blackdown® Shepherd Huts is building an exquisitely crafted English shepherd hut whilst offering excellent customer service, a quality Americans truly appreciate. What was perhaps most captivating, however, was experiencing their enthusiasm and dedication to the preservation of a Victorian tradition in a modern world. Their energy and commitment was infectious, and in seemingly no time at all we were working together to build a strong and effective operational Blackdown® Shepherd Huts North America.”

Blackdown Shepherd Huts North America Crew

Blackdown Shepherd Huts North America Crew

Experience the Blackdown® Shepherd Hut Difference

We are delighted to provide our North American customers with the gained advantage of our expertise, experience, highly tuned processes, exquisite materials and finishes, and the technology that our UK customers have come to expect. We have meticulously assembled the finest North American craftsmen who are proud to be entrusted with the finishing of Blackdown® Shepherd Huts in Michigan, ensuring every element of the long established tradition is preserved.

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Blackdown® Shepherd Huts North America in Dexter, Michigan, creating high quality handcrafted traditional bespoke & custom made shepherds huts.

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