FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons To Buy A Shepherds Hut

  • More versatile than building an addition
  • No disruption with builders, noise, etc.
  • Price per square foot can be more economical than an addition built to the same standard
  • Greater longevity than a yurt or tent – will last for generations to come
  • No need for seasonal dismantling like a yurt or tent
  • Should be warm year-round (providing it has the correct insulation)
  • Can be moved from house to house
  • A holiday in your own garden or yard
  • It is an asset and an heirloom
  • The uses can evolve as your family grows
  • Low maintenance = more leisure time!
  • Added income, popular for weekend retreats
  • Enriches AgroTourism experience

Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Shepherds Hut

  • Are the Shepherd huts fully insulated (floor, roof and walls)?
  • Is the company run by qualified craftsmen?
  • Is there a guarantee on the work?
  • How maneuverable are they, do they have turning axles?
  • Can the company document extensive experience in the construction industry?
  • Is the interior woodwork protected around the wood/propane stove (e.g., with a heat deflection plate)?
  • Is there a high attention to detail? (Fascia and bargeboard are normally good indicators.)
  • Does the company offer a variety of choices with regard to exterior and interior finishes?
  • Do they offer an extensive range of sizes without compromising quality and beautiful aesthetics?
  • Do they put a lot of time and energy into customer service both before and after sales resulting in good testimonials from customers?

Any company promising exceptional service and quality should have no problem in answering yes to all these questions. 

Why Buy A Blackdown® Shepherd Hut?

  • The foundation of our shepherd hut is our signature solid oak chassis that will last for generations to come.
  • All of our metal work is unrivaled. The wheels and turntable are cast at a small foundry using ancestral techniques. Our handmade stub axles and draw bar are caringly fabricated by our team of traditional craftsmen.
  • We are a family owned company dedicated to providing the highest possible quality of craftsmanship.
  • We take pride in creating a healthy workplace, and promote a progressive company culture.
  • We are a highly innovative; always thinking of new ideas to further improve our products. For instance, to our knowledge we were the first company to use sheep’s wool insulation.
  • Our meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our service; from design to personal delivery, we aim to provide complete customer satisfaction.
  • All of our huts come with a Blackdown® guarantee.
  • Our huts come with bargeboard and fascia as standard rather than just leaving the grey metal underside of the roofing sheet exposed.
  • The custom windows, doors and cabinetry use the highest quality hardware as standard practice.
  • All work is performed by fully qualified professionals.
  • We use twin wall flue sections where the chimney exits the roof, and we also install carbon monoxide alarms with all wood/propane stove installations.
  • All custom huts arrive with LED bulbs.

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Blackdown® Shepherd Huts North America in Dexter, Michigan, creating high quality handcrafted traditional bespoke & custom made shepherds huts.

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